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"Sue has been such a great resource. As a mother of twins herself, she has firsthand experience and offers practical insight on many issues which are unique to raising multiples. Her class provides a comfortable environment in which parents can ask questions without concern of being judged and where children can develop and interact with one another. I would highly recommend Sue's class to anyone with multiples."
~Belinda Kobulnik

"The phrase, "Sue said..." is used in my house on a daily basis. The class is fun, social and very informative, but it's the everyday advice that has become invaluable. Life with twins can be totally overwhelming, but thanks to Sue it has become manageable and fun! My twins are only 7 months, but I'm already dreading the day they graduate!"
~ Melissa McAlevey

"We really can't say enough about Sue Darrison and Babies First Class. When I had my twins, I was so stressed out and confused - until I met Sue. She was a wealth of knowledge, a shoulder to cry on, and a friend who was always there for us whenever things got rough. She glided us right through sleeping through the night, eating solids, and transitioning to sippy cups with ease.
We owe so much to Sue!!"
~ Samantha Lewis

"As a first time mom with boy/girl twins, Babies First Class was a lifesaver for me! The instructor, Sue Darrison, is warm, friendly, informative, funny, and the most caring and responsive person you will ever meet. With a Masters in Child Development, years of experience as a school director, and her personal experience as a mom of twins (plus four more kids), Sue's teachings and advice are both practical and evidence-based. I don't know what I would have done without her late-night emails helping me through my kids' illnesses. Babies First Class offers practical advice, a place to share with other parents and a fun environment for kids to play and socialize. It was my safety net and I cannot recommend it highly enough!!"  
~ Cindy Perelson (Reese and Jack’s mom)

"Sue's multiples class was invaluable to me, especially as a new mom. It was a great way to connect with other parents of multiples and to get answers to questions geared specifically to my twins. Sue's class is informative to parents and fun for the kiddos!"
~ Teri Hollander

"We have been going to Sue's class since my twins were about 3-1/2 months old. We look forward to class every week. We drive over 60 miles and it is worth it!!!! Not only is Sue a wealth of knowledge, but she is enjoyable and a valuable support system for twin parents. Every week, we learn about a new topic and she answers any questions we may have. We also sing and dance with the babies. There are a plethora of toys out for the babies to explore. As they get older, the babies begin to socialize with each other. At this point, you have known the babies and other Mommies for several months. It is your turn to relax.
Sue is a mother of twins and has several other children. Sue is also available via phone or email should a situation arise during the week that cannot wait until our next class. She has helped me with questions regarding naps, sleeping through the night, feeding, spitting up, sibling rivalry, activities and more. I could not have done this without her and my children have truly benefited beyond belief from our attendance in the class.
On the days when it gets to be overwhelming, Sue has a helper (Audrey) who can help you out. She is great with the babies and has amazing patience.  
The class is also a great place to meet similar multiple Mommies. While our class has mostly twins, there are some parents of triplets or more who attend. This is a nice support system and helps us get to know parents who are dealing with the same issues. I will be sad when my children reach 18 months because it means we will not see Sue every week. This makes me want to have another pair of twins just to keep going!"
~ Jasmine Richter

"Sue's class was a wonderful induction into the unique world of raising twins. As a first time mom, she was a wonderful resource. Her expertise in child development coupled with personal know-how as a twin mom helped me to more confidently raise my babies."
~ Shana Bacal Lutsky