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"As an ObGyn I have experience delivering babies; once they get home, it's a whole different story! Jackie offered education, reassurance, and advice, filling the first year and a half of parenthood with fun, instead of stress. The babies get age-appropriate stimulation - toys, dancing, and even puppet shows! - and the parents get tools for approaching each wondrous stage of babyhood. "Child safety," "introducing solid foods," "sleeping through the night," not to mention "maintaining a relationship with your spouse" were all topics that Jackie thankfully navigated us through. And when any of us had issues, she was always there to offer support. The friendships forged amongst the parents during classes and beyond were also so important to us. My daughter is still BFFs with one of her "Jackie friends!" Jackie is so full of knowledge, I find myself repeating her child rearing advice to my patients when they are struggling with various situations. And both my husband and I loved the one night classes regarding bringing home the second baby and turning 2! Being a part of Babies First Class was like having a GPS in the car -- absolutely invaluable to me as a new mom."
Lauren Hyman, M.D., FACOG

"I attended Babies First Class with my daughter and found Jackie to be extremely dedicated and knowledgeable. Jackie's class is like being with a child development specialist every week. Jackie truly cares about the parents and babies and is always there to answer any questions or concerns. Her goal seems to be to make sure that each child is developing at an appropriate rate. Her class is extremely informative and promotes an early bond between the parent and the child through creative play and music. I absolutely recommend the class to my patients."
~Rachel Esmond, MD

"Babies First Class is the owner's manual you wish your child came with. Her information is practical, insightful, and answers the many questions that fall between needing to call your pediatrician or your mother. Because Jackie restricts each of her classes to a small age range of babies, never again will you be instantly surrounded by so many women going through exactly what you are going through...all for the first time. This allows for special bonds to be created. Eight years later, still two of my closest friends came out of my "Jackie's class." I truly treasured my eighteen months in the class."
~Jill Lasky, D.D.S

"Babies First Class is a terrific class for the 1st time mom. Jackie always offers her assistance with regard to how to handle any situation or what you can try. Jackie has been teaching baby classes for 20+ years and has gathered a plethora of information during that time. I gained a lot of useful information along with meeting wonderful women who have since become some of my best friends, even years later. I am really grateful for the time I spent in Jackie's class."
~ Jen Levinson (Jen's List Founder)

"Jackie's class was an incredible experience for my son and me. I was able to enjoy baby time knowing that I could come to Jackie for guidance and support along the way. No matter how many books I read on the subject, none compared to Jackie's class. I appreciate that Jackie focused on the important stuff (while addressing all of our needs), such as feeding (when, what, why), sleeping, preschools (how to find the right one for my child) and so much more! I loved that she had so many wonderful toys for my son to play with and articles for me to read. I love that the class was structured, so that all the moms had a network and a support group. It was an amazing experience!"
~ Jennifer Brooks

"How do I sum up my Babies First Class (BFC) experience?...Well, let me start by saying that I'm still enjoying the benefits of taking Jackie's class 3 years after graduation. BFC helped me through one of the biggest transitions in my (and any new mom's) life. Taking a class with 15 other first-time moms who had the same questions, drama, fears and (most of all) happiness was comforting. My BFC friends became a wonderful support system and I developed amazing life-long friendships. Years later, play dates, lunches, dinners and birthday parties are still celebrated together. I credit BFC with bringing us together. Now a little about the creator, Jackie Rosenberg, and her coveted program...Weekly, Jackie discussed topics that were timely. Ranging from walking to eating to sleeping to sickness - always a subject that was relevant to our child's development at that moment. Although we all got more out of this class than an education, the lessons learned cannot be dismissed and some will be with me forever no matter my children's age. There was also a part of each class when moms could bring any topic to the table - an opportunity to mention our concerns, thrills and seek Jackie's advice. Since every new mom questions her every move, this was liberating and amazingly helpful. Years after graduating I still seek Jackie's guidance. Just last week I had a parenting question and placed a call to Jackie. Not only did she spend an hour on the phone, but she called me three days later to follow up on the outcome of our conversation. She is a voice of reason and gives terrific advice. Not only did I benefit from BFC, but so did my son, Jonah! At a very early age he was being socialized. The weekly classes and play dates shaped my son into a kind, generous, confident and happy little boy who loves to play with other children. These are traits that will forever be ingrained into my son's character. I am grateful to my friend, Melissa, who introduced me to the "Jackie class". At four months pregnant she urged me to get on the waiting list - and I did. My BFC/Jackie experience was priceless and I recommend it to all pregnant first-time moms who are looking for more than a class but a lifestyle. Get your name on the waiting list and call Jackie as soon as that little bundle of love arrives! It will be a decision you won't regret!"
~ Jayne Polan

"Jackie's class took a mommy who thought she knew it all and had it all under control and opened her eyes to a bunch of ahhh haaa moments that resonate in her head on a daily basis as she raises her three beautiful girls. I have NEVER once told my kids they are ok, I always ask to make sure they stay in touch with their feelings - brilliant. I give them a snack of their choice EVERY day and they could care less about candy laying around the house. I hear Jackie with all the words I use with my girls and they are amazing children! Jackie's class is a must for your first year and a half as a mommy! You don't know you need her until you no longer see her every week!"
~ Stacey Heifetz

"Words cannot begin to express how much Jackie and her class meant to me. When it comes to babies and children, Jackie is the most caring, loving and informed person there is! As a busy/new mom, I did not have time to read all the books or call my pediatrician to answer the million questions I had every week or to find out about developmental milestones, what to do when, etc. So THANK GOD for Jackie! She is so patient and takes the time to talk to you and help you through any issues that you might have with your child. With as many families that Jackie teaches at any given time, she makes you feel like you are the only one when you have a concern and her suggestions are always so helpful, priceless and dead on! I find myself constantly quoting Jackie whenever another mom has an issue . . .
"well, Jackie says..."

I made such amazing friends in the class that I still keep in touch with to this day. In fact, I loved the class so much that I couldn't imagine having my second child and not having Jackie to help me through the first 18 months, so I begged her to take me back! One thing is for sure..."You will not be like any other parent once you take this class!"
~ Cara Shapiro

"Babies First Class has been an invaluable experience for me and my one year-old son Zachary. When I was about 2 months pregnant, one of my close friends told me there is only one class to sign up for: Babies First Class. She told me that the class was so popular that I had to sign up immediately or I wouldn't get in. I laughed and didn't believe her, but of course signed up anyway.

Signing up for Jackie's class was by far the best thing I did as a first time mom. She is guru (the Oprah, Phil Jackson, or Lady Gaga) of the mommy and me world. Jackie's class helps both the mommies and babies grow and develop in their new roles. She lets the babies explore, play, and interact with each other while she lectures the moms on different age-appropriate topics each week, provides the moms with a safe and open forum to ask questions, and ends the class with interactive music and play for the mommies and their babies.

Jackie has instilled in me as a mom a sense of confidence, a sense of ease, a sense of comfort, and given me all the tools in my toolbox that I need to be the best mom that I can be. Zachy and I will always be grateful to Jackie and Babies First Class for helping us to start our journey in such a loving, helpful and memorable way."
~ Deborah Elizabeth Zolla

"I feel privileged for my baby and I to be a part of Jackie's Babies First Class. It is a wealth of information and fun for both the mom and baby. I recommend it for all moms. It's my favorite day of the week."
~ Tracy Allen

"Jackie provides a wealth of good, solid information to address all the issues that come up along the road from infancy to toddlerhood and beyond. It is wonderful to have the security of knowing she is there to support you while you navigate this wild world of new motherhood. Jackie has strong beliefs shaped over decades of work in child development, and what comes through it all is her underlying love for the babies and concern for their wellbeing."
~ Jill Edelman

"My son Simon and I both loved Jackie's class! His face lit up every time we walked into the room and I always looked forward to Jackie's lectures. Jackie was so helpful. She was always available to answer any of my questions and concerns. We are so sad that the class has ended. We already miss Jackie and her amazing classes!"
~Tanya Barcessat

"I first took Babies First Class not only to meet other moms but also to get the most recent educational information. Jackie is also known for her parenting expertise. Three months into the class my son got sick and needed to be hospitalized. It was the hardest time for me and I wouldn't have gotten through it without the support and care of Jackie. I understand now why Jackie has been educating and fostering parents for over 20 years. She has compassion, genuine love, and cares for the well-being of babies and their families. She is one of the most resourceful and knowledgeable women I have ever met."
~ Shannon M., A proud mother of 2

"Let's put it this way, if I could take Jackie's class until my son turned 18, I would. Her class is so informative in such a fun and casual environment. I looked forward to going to class every week not only to learn, but to see all the babies and their mommies. It was such a pleasure to watch the babies in our class grow up to be toddlers and it seemed like it happened over night. Jackie is so kind and thoughtful and she truly cares about the wellbeing of your children. Post graduation, my son had to have tubes put in his ears. I called her a week before the surgery to talk to her about what to expect going into the procedure and she put my mind at ease. After the surgery, Jackie called over the weekend to check up on my son to make sure that everything had gone well, it was so unexpected but so appreciated. It's nice to know that you can always call Jackie with any questions or concerns that you may have and even though we have graduated from the class, I know I can still call her. Her guidance and knowledge is invaluable and I am so grateful to have taken her class."
~ Danielle Zimmerman

"Attending Babies First Class really eased my transition into motherhood. I was presented with a wealth of information that was very beneficial for a new mother. The best part of the class was that Jackie was always there for you, whenever you needed her advice or guidance. She genuinely cares for her students, big and small. She gives you confidence as a parent to tackle any challenges that come your way. It was an experience that I am happy I had the opportunity to be a part of, and I will always use the knowledge she shared with me."
~ Jessica Ghadir

"Trying to express in words what Jackie, and Babies First Class, has meant to me seems impossible, but I can unequivocally say that being a part of her class has truly helped to define who I am today.

Most of us as first-time moms are overwhelmed by all the questions and insecurities this new little person creates. It seemed everyone had a differing opinion and all I craved was a definitive perspective on what to do... Jackie, with her vast knowledge and experience, offered me a concise and relatable approach to parenting - which ultimately enabled me to become more confident and wholeheartedly shaped who I have become as a parent.

Babies First Class is truly the best parenting decision I've made, both with regard to the knowledge I've gained and the friendships I developed that will last me a lifetime!"
~ Kyla Gordon

"Babies First Class keeps new mommies one step ahead of the game. You will receive guidelines and tips for each stage, from newborn advice to feeding and how to travel. My husband and I often say that Babies First Class is "worth its weight in gold." You get the information you need to be a safe, effective and efficient new parent so that you can focus on what is most important: spending time with your new baby and your family."
~ Kari and Ralph Garman

"As a first time mom, and having a colicky baby, the first months of motherhood weren't easy. I was not a confident mom and didn't know what to do. I didn't gain my confidence as a mother until I joined Jackie's class when my son was 5 months old. Jackie was helpful by all means, she was informative, reassuring and provided lots of guidance. She helped me with two major obstacles I've faced, which were weaning my son and sleep training him. She took the time to call me every morning to make sure I was fine and went through the steps that eventually ended with satisfying results. Through her class I made lifetime friends for both my son and I. My son is 4 years old now and I still refer to Jackie's notes or call her if I have any doubt or questions. It was a remarkable experience and I highly recommend her class to all mothers."
~Beyoona Fahid (A mother of two boys)

"I knew the moment I got pregnant that I wanted to take Jackie Rosenberg's Babies First Class. My three older sisters all took her class and loved what she had taught them. Once my daughter was born, I was so excited to get started with Jackie. I looked forward to every week when I would learn something so valuable. I loved how straightforward she was. After every class, I loved that I learned something so important that was so useful right away. Whenever I needed something, Jackie was always there to help out. She was always so accommodating for anything. When graduation came for my daughter, I was so sad to leave Jackie but knew that she would be with me for a long time...and she was. Whenever I have a question about my daughters, I call her and she always makes a point to call me back that same day to help me with whatever I may need. I truly wouldn't be the mom I am today without the guidance of Jackie....Thank you Jackie for your love, patience and dedication you have given me."
~Tricia Graup

"As a first time mom, I found Jackie's thoughtful, no-nonsense approach to parenting to be extremely helpful in developing positive early parenting skills. The fact that Jackie has many years of experience as an educator and parent is clearly evident in her presentation of time tested and proven methods, but I was most impressed with Jackie's ability to sift through all the contemporary, often competing fads and trends and thoughtfully evaluate what seem to be the most valid developments in child rearing. In these days of 10,000 mommy blogs and baby related websites it is easy to become overwhelmed by an avalanche of information. While you may not always agree with what Jackie has to say, we are all free to form our own opinions and she definitely inspires you to ask the right questions and points you in the right direction. I also thoroughly enjoyed the mommy and me aspect of the class and the kids had a ball every week. I would recommend Babies First Class to any parent looking for a little guidance along the way."
~ Alison Belanoff

"Jackie helped me get through the first year when I felt like I had no clue what I was doing. I am so grateful for not only the wonderful information she did impart, but for the shared experience with the wonderful women I met, many of whom I am still friends with today."
~ Jillian Green

"Babies First Class was an amazing experience and Jackie is truly wonderful! She arms you with information that you intertwine with your maternal instincts to help you raise a happy, well adjusted child. And most importantly, she shows you how to communicate as a family. An invaluable lesson and something my husband and I will never forget! I feel so lucky that my son and I were a part of Babies First Class - if I could do it 100 times over, I would."
~ Jessica Rosenberg

"THE GIFT OF BABIES FIRST CLASS...We were fortunate enough to be given the first session of Babies First Class when our daughter was born. We had no idea what to expect, other than that we had high expectations based on numerous referrals of parents who had taken Jackie's class before. I would say it certainly was and continues to be one of our favorite gifts. It is the gift that keeps giving. Jackie's knowledge of child development, her commitment to the mothers, her genuine care and love for each child in the class makes our hour there each week so fulfilling, both for mother and child. There are so many unknowns as a new parent embarking on the exciting, yet scary journey of parenthood. Jackie manages to ease and answer all of those questions each week. And each week there are more questions. It has been so amazing to not only watch our daughter grow, but the other babies in the class too. We have a safe, nurturing, playful environment to go to each week. As a first time mother I am so grateful to Jackie for continuing to educate me, ease my doubts and remind me that being a parent while exhausting can be and should be fun. We get so wrapped up in what we need to do and how we need to do it, that we can lose sight of the most important thing - enjoying this amazing child we have and watching her grow and develop into the unique individual she is. Jackie, while teaching us so much, never forgets to remind us of that. Thanks Jackie!!"
~ Natalie Stevenson

"Signing up for Jackie's class was the most important decision I made as a new mom. I started when my daughter, Sloane, was 3 months old and the entire experience was invaluable. My doctor would give me general advice about sleeping and eating -- but Jackie would explain exactly what time to nap and for how long. She would tell us exactly what foods to eat and how much and why and when. She would anticipate what advice we needed at each stage--from potty training to discipline. I hear Jackie's voice in my head all the time and quote her to other people. Her advice gave me so much confidence and still gives me so much confidence.

She is such an incredible teacher, resource and friend. My friends and I call her for all kinds of advice--(3 YEARS LATER!!)--and she responds with so much genuine enthusiasm and interest. She has walked me through everything from how to handle sleep training to how to deal with the death of our family pet--it's always loving but strong, just like Jackie.

As a new mom, joining Jackie's class is the smartest thing you can do. I have friends who are such different people and different moms--but every one of them has treasured their experiences in Babies First Class. I honestly don't know how people learn what they need to know without her."
~ Norah Weinstein

"Jackie Rosenberg and Babies First class helped me to not only survive my daughter's first year of life, but also taught me how to navigate each milestone. The class gave me a reprieve each week, the mom's gave me friendship and comfort, and Jackie gave us the tools we needed to become effective and informed parents. When I hear a mom say, "Well, Jackie says..." I know I am in good company."
~ Lainie Donnell

"When I was 3 months pregnant, I was working out with my friend Cindy. She said, "Have you signed up for Jackie's class?" I was puzzled, and said, "Who is Jackie?" She told me that Jackie Rosenberg's class was the hottest baby class in town and I had to get on the waiting list right away! She explained how the class would be full by the time I was 4 months pregnant! I got the number and signed up immediately.

I started the class when my daughter Ryan was just 3 months old, and really loved my Thursdays at Jackie's class. There is a reason why every mom who has taken this class says, "Well Jackie said...." The moms in Los Angeles really respect her opinion and always repeat her advice to their other mommy friends.

When I was pregnant, I felt a bit nervous about all the questions I had, with no expert to really answer them. How much should I feed? When will she drop her next nap, or how should I potty train? These are examples of the questions that threw me for a loop. It was great having a professional opinion versus asking your mom, sister, or best friend! I always felt a sense of security having Jackie on my side! I also, on several occasions, needed to talk to Jackie in an emergency, like when my daughter was in the hospital. She returned my call with in minutes, and calmed me down with her great advice. I will never forget her kindness and caring spirit.

I also must mention, the friends I made in her class, are the ones I still speak to 4 years later! We all shared that bond of being in our first mommy and me class together. To any pregnant woman around, I highly encourage you to sign up for Jackie's class ASAP! I don't know what I would have done without Jackie Rosenberg!"
~ Aimi Datz

"Jackie's constant support and useful information is priceless!"
~ Sheri Vinnecour Gerrman