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Lesley's Second Time Mom's group is the best in the L.A.!  It is a great time to bond with other mothers as we enter "round 2" of motherhood.  I truly look forward to our monthly sessions where I have made lasting friendships.  Being a second and third time mom herself, Lesley knows first hand how to get through all of the sticky situations that come up in our children's lives from sleeping to feeding to preschool drama...she has the right answers for everything and those answers have guided me as I raise my two sons!  
~ Peppi Schwartz

Lesley's Second Time Mom class has given me confidence in being the mother I want to be to two little ones.  Each session enlightens and teaches me tactics on how to be a better parent to each child individually and together.  I am able to take this knowledge home and share it with my family to help create a more harmonious environment.  She has given me support and guidance on "off topic" issues and offers great ideas for changing certain behaviors. Lesley has given me assurance that my experiences raising two little ones are "normal" which is so comforting to hear at the end of the day.  She also always reinforces the main goal - have fun with your kids!  Us moms need to be reminded of this and I always leave her class with a renewed enthusiasm for being MOM.
~ Alison Hawkins

Every time I have a parenting question or issue, I can hear Jackie and Lesley's voices in my head.  Their sound, sensible advice has been so essential to our family.  Logan (3.75) and Tyler (8 mos) have benefitted tremendously from our being able to use both Jackie and Lesley as resources over the past 3.5 years.  

We go back to their methods in approaching every milestone and hurdle.  I am so happy and relieved to be back in Jackie's comfortable setting, receiving guidance from Lesley in this new journey of 2nd time mommyhood.
~ Carrie Kreisberg

As a young mom of two, (and one who didn't grow up here in LA), I regard Lesley Lasker as a mentor.  She has three kids of her own, ranging in the ages of 9 to 19.  Being a few steps ahead of my journey into motherhood, she is CURRENT.

She is active in the community as a mom, school counselor and family/marriage therapist and is thus aware of the evolving issues that challenge our lives as moms.  Lesley is approachable and like her own mentor Jackie, ON IT. And with constant amendments in safety laws, new environmental concerns and the emergence of a technology-driven society, her support and guidance in communication, family dynamics and discipline is gold.
~ Candice Hamilton